Derek Di Fabio


16 July10 October 2014

Almanac is thrilled to present Almanac Inn, a new programme of residencies and exhibitions in Turin. The project, supported by Spazioborgogno, is located at Via degli Artisti 10, in the historical rooms that hosted the cultural association by the same name in the 1990’s.

For the first residency, London-based artist Derek Di Fabio (Milan, 1987) will develop Yslands.

For the last event of Derek Di Fabio's residency at Almanac Inn, an audio-guide and a video installation will be presented as final product of his project Yslands.

Intertwining ongoing research around islands with the possibilities and limitations of being ‘in residence’, Derek worked with the local community through a series of participative events, workshops, performances and screenings. Yslands focuses on exploring the boundaries that join a community to a space; the surfaces that constitute the sensitive and emotional connection between an entity and its surroundings. It investigates how identities are constructed through the relation with the Other.

The same evening we will launch a publication designed by Jessica Gaudino, with contributions by Martina Allegra De Rosa, Astrid Korporaal, Guido Santandrea and Nina Wakeford. The publication aims to expand and reflect on the project that Di Fabio developed in his residency over the summer 2014, not as mere documentation, but as a continuation of a dialogue.

Download here the audio-guide

~ Contributors to the audio-guide ~

Texts by:
Lia Cecchin, Martina Allegra De Rosa, Giacinta Gandolfo, Davide La Montagna, Isamit Morales, Matteo Mottin, Sandrine Nicoletta, Valentina Roselli, Vecchio Merda Danzband, Matteo Visentin.

Ting Cheng, Alexander Collins, Giovanni Copelli, Ercole Alice, Jessica Gaudino, Francesca Mussi,
Sophie Vitelli.

Soundtracks and editing by:
Enrico Bozzato: EKAR Records, Circular, Iside, Isa Griese: 2008daughters, Luca Garino, Hyena : RXSTNZ, Timo Koch, New Noveta, Vecchio Merda Danzband.

Special thanks to:
Lucia Barbagallo, Ilenia Berra, Josè Chaves, Matteo Consonni, Heriel Di Fabio, Giorgio Galotti, Isa Griese, Gemma Noris, Gesuco Razzati, Alessandro Trevisan, Alex Tripodi, all the participants and people who passed by Almanac Inn during the residence.