Ian Law & Richard Sides with Lorenzo Senni

Painful Zombies Quickly Watch A Jinxed Graveyard

30 May22 June 2014

Cripta747 is pleased to present “Painful Zombies Quickly Watch A Jinxed Graveyard”, an exhibition by Ian Law and Richard Sides with Lorenzo Senni, curated by Almanac.

In the basement space, two words are spoken simultaneously, in a double movement that brings about a shift in time.

Jinx: cancelling out what came before in order to open a space for the future.

The two artists respond to the past lives of an agglomerate of spaces, real and imaginary, resurrecting them in an integration of potentials. Like the show’s title, a sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet, the interactions between the practices of Sides and Law take place on a stage measured by the parameters of a code.

Within the space of the exhibition, delimited by a screen of pleated bamboo, images evolve like tropical diseases. Inverting the idea of a reworking that underlies Ian Law’s artistic process, the pieces function as residues of the future. Materials that accumulated in an empty flower shop in Sant'Ilario are transported in order to make room for the possibility of work.

These structural traces and illicit paraphernalia are treated with the same care as other reminders of our mortality, held balanced in a rearrangement of the rules of matter, delayed decay.

Underneath this slowed temporal surface, bathed in green light, performed narratives emerge in confrontation with the practice of Richard Sides. The recycled objects also claim a role as active characters, as the artist surrounds them with the sensationalist vitality of newspaper headlines in a collage of image and text.

Add to this dimensional poetics the screeching, buzzing sounds of the cavernous space, produced and recorded after midnight by Sides and Lorenzo Senni, and the time-space of this triple encounter begins to strain at the seams, containing both the event of a hospitable crisis and that of hallucinatory contemplation.

Works by Ian Law made possible with the collaboration of The View Studio, Sant' Ilario.

Via Giuseppe Regaldi 00, Turin 10153.
Tuesday – Saturday, 4–7.30pm or by appointment.