Jason Gomez

Parallel Pictures

06 November19 December 2014

Almanac is thrilled to present two solo exhibitions in Turin: Lonely Planet by Samara Scott and Parallel Pictures by Jason Gomez.

Both artists approach the life span of materials in their interaction with processes of decomposition and intermingling, through very different practices and conceptualizations. The two presentations were built up over a three-week residency period at Almanac Inn.

In one room, black scrolls of distressed printing paper repeatedly punctuate the walls of Jason Gomez’ exhibition, Parallel Pictures. The works stem from a set of processes dealing with the conscious context of objects and the liberation of an archive.

Mirroring the function of tracing paper, the pressed flowers puncturing the metallic skins point to the magnetic pull of the materials, its powers of absorption having already erased the scientific descriptions that once accompanied the disintegrating collection.

Graphite markings emerge from the dark side of the inked screen to explode in a multitude of detailed impressions, signs of a language in becoming.

In the front room, moulds and traces extend their biological competition in the form of a cyanotype, their exposure and growth in UV-lighting giving birth to a fibrous glow-in-the-dark field. A red Risograph template is suspended in molten wax, the print nowhere to be found.

With each reversion of a process, new dependencies are created.