Deniz Unal

Characters of Control

25 November14 December 2017


Reading group: 25 November, 3pm
Workshop: 2 December, 4pm
Performance: 14 December, 6pm
And L-Onl(e)y children!

We that suffer in silence
No more!

We that are tormented
Let us find solace in our pains
In our grievances

And even pleasure perhaps!

Let us come together
And search for ways to exist///

Only then can we find our lovers
And do away with our desperation for mothers
Email to Yoko: “It's come out of a few things; I’ve been making work around illness for a while now and related to that representations pain and power structures, which is mainly what I want to focus on here. I started looking at the world of BDSM as a way to think about types of consensual and desired pain and power transactions (very broadly speaking). I hope to use the archetype of the dominatrix as a concept to play around these ideas, whilst trying to sidestep certain clichés of BDSM power play. Using the structure of a performance and workshop itself- between the audience and performer and between participants, dialogue and text, as way of working and making. In particular, I want to show how the nuances of touch and intimacy operate and are expressed within these interactions. Hope this makes some sense! “
The body of work will take shape through a group reading and discussion of plays on the subjects of control, intimacy and desire on the 25th of November, a role play workshop on December the 2nd, both events are open to the public and a rehearsal/workshop period, culminating in performative event on December the 14th.


Performance: 14 December, 6pm

The performance is the third and final event of Characters of Control.
With: Amy Gwatkin, Nadja Voorham and Deniz Unal

Doors open at 6pm
Performance starts at 7pm


Workshop: 2 December, 4pm

The Role-Play workshop is the second event in Characters of Control by Deniz Unal.
We will explore power play in a various forms; authority, inanimate objects and animal scenes. Acting ability is not necessary, an open mind and respecting one another is a must.

Booking required at


Reading group: 25 November, 3pm

The reading group, Plays on Control, Intimacy and Desire, forms the first part of Unal's project at ALMANAC London. The group will read and discuss plays from Sarah Kane, Kathy Acker, Neil Bartlett and texts by Audre Lorde and Antonin Artaud.

No prior reading or booking required.